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Image – Quantum Leap, the Charles Darwin Memorial in Shrewsbury, in the colours of Neurodiversity.   Architects

Aside from being a vocal opponent of Person First Language on social media (Twitter – @aheeleyRIBA), I also engage in (carefully selected) research projects, provide professional input into design guides for buildings and spaces which are kind to autistics, and write stuff.  Here are some of my articles about Autism –

List of Autistic Professionals…

Neurodiversity & Autism for the Architects Benevolent Society

The (Autistic) Job Interview

Autism & Architectural Practice

Published July 2021 – I am delighted to have contributed to the National Development Team for Inclusion report – Supporting Autistic People Flourishing at Home and Beyond: Considering and Meeting the Sensory Needs of Autistic People in Housing

Neurodiversity is the concept that there is a natural variety of human brain-types, all of which are ‘normal’. Neurodivergence (variation from the majority ‘neurotypical’) can include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, and Autism. These are not mental illnesses nor learning disabilities, but neurological differences, and can affect the way a person works or interacts with other people. About 15% of the UK workforce is Neurodivergent.


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