New Planning Rules

We’ve had a fair few people contact us about the recent change in Permitted Development Rights, which mean that larger extensions can be built without Planning Permission.

Just to be clear –

An application still needs to be made to the Planning Department.

It’s called a Prior Notification, and the Planners can (and have) refused to grant permission if one neighbour objects.

There’s more on this in this article from the RIBA.

A Prior Notification for a Larger Home Extension is the same work (& liability) to us as a full Planning Application, & so we charge the same fee. For a conservatory or sun room we have a fixed fee of £350 + Ordnance Survey maps at cost. At present there is no council application fee, but this might change.

We would recommend that ALL projects get a formal permission document. Whether this is a Certificate of Lawful Development (were it falls within PD rights), or a Prior Notification (for a Larger Homes Extension), or full Planning Permission.

We’re getting more and more calls from people selling their houses where the buyer’s solicitor is asking for this document.