Conservatory with a Solid Roof- Building Regulations?

Are you clear on the law regarding adding a solid roof to a conservatory?

The LABC – Local Authority Building Control – have a guide –

Replacing an existing conservatory roof with a solid roof requires Building Regulations Approval.

(from the LABC guide) – The Building Regulations that are likely to apply are:

• Approved Document A – Determination of adequacy of existing foundations by trial hole(s). If suitable vertical supports are not present then either new windows are required that comply with current Building Regulations, or additional structural posts installed.

• Approved Document C – Suitable weatherproofing of roof, abutments and rainwater goods

• Approved Document L – The new roof should comply with current Building Regulations as a new thermal element. The existing walls and floor should be considered as being no worse than before (Reg. 4(3)).

“So if I comply with these things can I just go ahead?”

No. You need to apply for Building Regulations Approval. It’s up the the Building Inspector to decide if you have complied with the regulations.

“Can I take the door off and open it up to my house?”

No. You still can’t do that.

“What if there isn’t already a conservatory there?”

Building a completely new structure (so not just replacing an existing roof) is no different from building any other extension and the full weight of Building Regulations applies.